SUNDAY 9th of SEPTEMBER, 9.30am at Ferny Grove Primary School Hall

Come along and hear Olympian Eloise Wellings share her inspirational story.

Join us afterwards for lunch and let the kids enjoy free rides on the oval!!

Special Guest Eloise Wellings
Eloise’s dream to become an Olympic athlete started at a young age. Having qualified for the 2000 Sydney Olympics at just 16 years old, it seemed that her dream had come true. However, she suffered a heartbreaking stress fracture, her first of 11, and was unable to compete at the Olympics in her own backyard. She didn’t give up on her dream, and despite missing out on the Athens Olympics, and again on the Beijing Olympics due to injury, her dream finally came to fruition in 2012 where she represented Australia at the London Olympics in the 10,000m 5000m and track events. More recently Eloise competed in the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast and made international headlines along with her teammates, not for her athletic skill, but for her incredible sportsmanship.

Eloise has a phenomenal story of triumph against the odds, but more significantly, of God’s transformational grace that has personally impacted her and propelled her into a life of purpose like she could never have imagined.

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9.30 AM Sunday
Ferny Grove Primary Hall
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5.00 PM Sunday (Fortnightly)
Church House
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